I’m Nick Tsitlakidis, developer and coding enthusiast. Nice to meet you!

My main focus is mostly on languages and technologies which are high-level, agile and provide the necessary tools for smooth team development and less workflow nightmares. There are various examples of such technologies, whether it is a programming language or an IDE, a bug tracker or a version control system, and these will become the subjects for the posts you will find in this blog.

This blog started as a medium of sharing knowledge I’m gaining and it’s slightly beyond the average level of “difficulty” (although there are some even more advanced posts as well) and it looks like I’ll keep trying out new technologies. So as long as this makes sense (and it’s fun) for me, you can expect more weirdness being posted in here.
I hope the posts help you with your daily adventures or at the very least make you think somewhat differently about your problems/solutions.